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Realtors Find More Time in your Day! Hire a Great Assistant!

Having worked in this industry for over 30 years, I have seen my fair share of the insanity that this business can create. Before we had fax machines....before we had computers everything moved so much more slowly. In this high tech age, everything is coming at you quickly - and it's all on fire!

I have worked as a Licensed Assistant and enjoyed the work. It can be a very lucrative career. The challenge is taking the time to find the money within your budget, hiring the RIGHT person...and, of course, training them.

I know agents that have had all levels of assistant working for them - from someone that just answers phones and helps with marketing to a fully licensed assistant that manages contracts.

Taking the time to hire and train the right person will result in your ability to focus on what you do best....generate revenue. It will also, hopefully, allow for a better quality of life. That is important! This video from Tom Ferry can help with your planning.

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