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How do you grow your business?

I have been in this business a very, very long time. Since 1984 to be exact. The changes in how we all do business is mind boggling. What is important now?

Relationships are still the main driver in our business. Technology aside, nobody wants to work with someone they don't like. Land and Mortgage Title Agency, LTD. offers PEACE OF MIND to our customers. We are TIME SAVERS.

Besides handling a transaction in a professional and timely manner, we are PARTNERS. We are here to assist our clients and to make them LOOK FANTASTIC!

How do we do that? We take a very hands on approach. As an Account Executive, gone are the days of delivering bagels or candy. I now look at HOW I may assist our client to gain more business. Besides having extensive industry knowledge, I now have honed my skills in marketing. Direct mail, Social name it. It is my goal to share my knowledge with customers and to make their jobs easier.


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